Hertfordshire, County Of OpportunityLiberal Democrats today successfully called for Herts County Council to take action as a result of recent flooding.

The Leader of the opposition, Stephen-Giles Medhurst (central Watford and Oxhey) commented, “I am glad that Liberal Democrat concerns about local residents and the impact of flooding have been listened to today.  We must ensure that we help local families and businesses recover from the flooding, and that the County Council use the full range of Government and European funds available to support this”.

Sandy Walkington, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on the Environment (St Albans South), added “This sort of ‘exceptional’ weather is no longer exceptional, it’s becoming the norm and we need to plan how to improve the resilience of local infrastructure.  It’s about keeping gullies and ditches clear, ensuring that schools and other county buildings can cope with much heavier rain, and then being certain that we have the right fire service equipment to deal with floods as often as flames.”