Following the publication on Friday 25th April of nominations for candidates for the Stevenage Borough Council elections in May, the local Liberal Democrat Team are utterly appalled (but not surprised) that Cllr John Mead, who was elected by the people of Manor Ward as a Lib Dem Councillor in 2010 and then defected to the Labour Party in 2012, has chosen to turn his back on local people and abandon them to stand as a Labour candidate in the safe Labour seat in Shephall Ward.

It has become apparent what Cllr Mead believes about local representation, is that it is more important to get elected, wherever that may be, rather than to represent those people that have previously voted for him and put their trust in him.

This just demonstrates that the Labour Party do not care much about local people in Chells, Chells Manor and Mobbsbury and are more interested in securing the services of yet another Labour stooge, rather than allowing local people to make their feelings known about Cllr Mead, by letting him seek re-election in Manor Ward.

As long history shows, it is the Liberal Democrats who are the only party that have stood strong candidates in Manor Ward, who care about the local area and will work hard all year round to make sure that local people get the best deal from the Labour dominated Council.

We just hope that the people of Shephall get more out of him then the local residents in Manor ever did. We also hope that they are happy to fund some of his costly stunts like using council taxpayers’ money to fund visiting reindeer at the local shops.

The local people in Manor deserve better and we look forward to our candidate Andy McGuinness getting elected and in the tradition of the Local Lib Dem Team, working hard all year round for local people.