In this weeks papers our newly elected Councillor Andy McGuinness had a letter published in the Advertiser and the Comet. Please see below the text of that letter.

Election 2014Dear Sir,

Following my election to Stevenage Borough Council last week, I would like to say a massive thank you to the many hundreds of people that showed faith in the hard working Stevenage Lib Dems and voted for me as Councillor for Manor Ward.

I was blown away by how many people I met in the area that were very complementary about our legacy of community activism and supporting local people in Chells Manor & Mobbsbury – the things any good Councillor should do. This was obviously borne out in the election result as I got the highest number of votes for any candidate of any party across the whole of Stevenage.

I hope to repay the trust shown in me by working hard, representing local people however they voted and getting stuck into scrutinising the Council. I’m very honoured to be representing people in Manor Ward and I will not let them down.

With best wishes

Andy McGuinness

Borough Councillor for Manor Ward