Hertfordshire, County Of OpportunityHertfordshire’s ruling Conservatives have been accused of misleading residents over plans to reduce bus services in the evenings and at weekends.

Liberal Democrat Group Leader, and Highways Spokesperson, County Councillor Stephen Giles-Medhurst (Central Watford and Oxhey) has found out that instead of the 200,000 passenger journeys being cut due to the Tories suggested cuts to evening and Sunday services, the real figure will actually be closer to 809,000 passenger journeys.

Stephen said, “When the proposal first come out I asked for details of who would be affected by what route and what the county subsides were. I have had to chase several times for this and now after the Consultation process has started, with in my mind flawed data, the Council has had to admit that the number of people affected by this cut is 4 times as many as they first told us, with some 809,00 journeys actually facing the cut.

This is scandalous, the Tories run the council and they should be checking what they are proposing, tens of thousands of residents will be affected and no longer able to use buses if these cuts go ahead. “We were told, and the consultation document also claims that bus subsidies range from ‘10p to over £9 per individual journey’.

“Yet on the figures I have unearthed the highest subsidy on any of the routes being cut is £4.19 !. Yet again they Tories have not done their homework and are misleading people.” said the Lib Dem Leader.”

They have not thought through this and its effect on residents. Liberal Democrats have launched petitions county-wide opposing these cuts. You can sign it at : http://signme.org.uk/985.

They are also urging residents to fill in the consultation and reject the proposed cuts at : https://consult.hertsdirect.org/bus-services/ ” Although the Conservatives run the Council, often in my view ignore the consultation and just carry on regardless.

We need a massive response with the petition and consultation to reject these unfair cuts that hit the least able and mobile in our community,. ” concluded Cllr Giles-Medhurst.