Cllr Robin Parker CC

Cllr Robin Parker CC

Monday 15 December saw the complete re-surfacing of Frobisher Drive in Mobbsbury and, with it, completion of the final highways construction and repair schemes for 14/15. These schemes were chosen by Chells County Councillor Robin Parker, to be paid for from his annual £90,000 Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) Highways Locality Budget (HLB). The schemes chosen by Robin, and based upon the state of the highways assets are:

  • The complete re-surfacing of The White Way in Chells Manor – to prolong life of the road surface which was showing clear signs of wear (£45,050).
  • New footway link across the corner of Fairlands Way/Mobbsbury Way – to tidy up a messy, pedestrian short cut which was previously across the mud (£3,759).
  • Re-surfacing of all the car park for Mobbsbury Shops and new white lining – to repair a very poor surface and to accommodate more vehicles (£7,260).
  • Re-build the pedestrian steps and provide new handrails for a cul-de-sac off Telford Avenue/ Newton Road – to increase safety (previously there was no handrail) (£7,500).
  • Complete re-surfacing of Frobisher Drive – to repair an appalling surface which often had potholes in it (£25,470).

In addition, a traffic/study survey has been ordered for the vicinity of the junction of the Chells Way/Mobbsbury Way junction, and along Mobbsbury Way, as a necessary preliminary to consideration of safety issues involving speed of vehicles, visibility and traffic movements (£461+contributions from the Stevenage Borough Council Local Community Budgets (LCB) of Robin and Liberal Democrat colleague Graham Snell).

Also compulsory contribution to Traffic Regulation Orders which is top sliced from all county councillors’ HLBs (£500).  

Total £90,000

Cllr Robin Parker CC said “I chose these jobs because I could see the repairs or improvements were needed, or they were in response to local residents’ requests. I would love more than £90,000 but HCC have stuck at that figure for all 77 county councillors. Anyone can see my HLB allocations, with reasons, for each year since the HLB scheme started in 2012, by going to

As well as this list, I was able to get some very poor stretches of Fairlands Way re-surfaced, between the junction with Knights Templar Green and the Fairlands Way/Verity Way roundabout, and the mini roundabouts rebuilt at the junctions of Fairlands Way/Chells Way and Fairlands Way/Webb Rise, from a different central budget. I always keep my eyes open for next year’s sites, but suggestions from local residents would be welcome. I get the best prices if I order work early, and so the sooner the better!”