Baroness Shirley Williams attended a dinner for about 60 local North Herts and Stevenage activists at Hitchin Priory on Friday evening, 5 December.

Shirley spoke about some of the problems of operating within the Coalition government, facing up to the cuts in government spending necessitated by the previous Labour government’s reckless borrowing, the party’s prospects in the forthcoming general election and she dealt with some myths about Europe.

Shirley Williams was MP for Hitchin and later Stevenage from 1964 – 1979, a founder member of the SDP as one of the Gang of Four in 1981, a founder member of the Liberal Democrats in 1988, and a former Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords. Shirley is also the President of the local Stevenage branch of the Liberal Democrats.

Local Stevenage councillor Andrew McGuinness said “We are always keen to welcome Shirley back to Stevenage and Hitchin and she always provides food for thought and speaks very effectively and from long and wide experience of party, national and international affairs.”