Cllr Robin Parker CC

Cllr Robin Parker CC

Letter to the Editor of the Comet by Cllr Robin Parker CC

Dear Sir

Your correspondent Mark Hanson (Comet letters, 15 January) asks if our local politicians could contact Green Line management (Arriva) and attempt to persuade them to reverse their decision to stop the 797 coach service from Stevenage to London, from 28 February.

I cannot comment on what action, if any, other parties have taken but I was alerted to the axing of the 797 in November, a day or so before the official announcement, and I immediately contacted Arriva. I also made sure that as many local contacts as possible knew about it, including the Stevenage Bus Users Group (BUGS).

I have also put a petition on the Stevenage Liberal Democrats web site which is still available to sign. I asked HCC if they could subsidize the service and received a flat “No” in reply, on the basis that a viable train service is available and, in any case, they are just starting a second consultation on cutting many bus subsidies. SBC, on the other hand, do not now subsidize bus services and will not be starting to do so again.

The fact is that no council or councillor has any power in this matter, since the 797 is a commercial run service. The only influence that may work is if many local people sign the petition and write to Arriva. I urge readers who are concerned about the loss of the 797 to do this.

Yours sincerely


Robin Parker