Local Liberal Democrat Councillors in Chells, Chells Manor and Mobbsbury recently held two more in a series of Residents’ Meetings.

Amongst the issues raised were:

  • Reported vandalism at Marriotts/Lonsdale School especially to the pavilion
  • The missing sections of fence on the east side of Gresley Way
  • The campaign to Save Our Buses
  • The need for a pedestrian route to Poplars Sainsbury’s from Six Hills Way
  • The need for a light and a new bin at the bus shelter on The White Way near The Pastures
  • The need to reduce the weight limit for the overnight lorry parking ban
  • Use of private parking spaces by others
  • The request for some Controlled Parking Zones
  • New litter/dog bin needed near the Church of St. Hugh and St. John
  • Continuing overflowing litter/dog bins
  • The need for a ramp for wheelchairs etc. between Chells Way and Edison Road

Chair Robin Parker said that all the issues would be taken back to council officials for comment/action.

There is no agenda for these Residents’ Meetings and attendees can raise any item that they want. The meetings are an attempt to replace the former Public Forums, operated by Stevenage Borough Council, but cut by them from April 2011.

The Residents’ Meetings are organized by the Liberal Democrat SBC Borough Councillor for Manor Ward and HCC County Councillor for Chells Division, Robin Parker, and his Liberal Democrat Borough Councillor colleagues for Manor Ward, Andy McGuinness and Graham Snell. Prior to each meeting, a leaflet is delivered to each door in Chells Division.

The costs of the meetings and leaflets are met from the HCC and SBC local budgets of the councillors mentioned.

The recent meetings were held as follows:

  • Monday 16 March at the Church of St. John and St. Hugh, Mobbbsury Way.
  • Monday 9 March at Chells Manor Community Centre, Emperor’s Gate.

Robin Parker said: “Attendance was about a dozen people at each meeting. We were pleased also that the local police were able to attend one of the meetings. Attendees said that they found the meetings useful and so we will try and continue with more of them in future”.