Cllr Robin Parker CC

Cllr Robin Parker CC

The Editor

Stevenage Midweek Mercury


Dear Sir

With reference to the ‘safety improvements’ outside Thomas Alleyne School, reported in the Midweek Mercury for 8.4.2015, I need to point out that, contrary to the impression given in the story, the new pedestrian guard railings will do absolutely nothing to protect pedestrians from injury caused by any vehicle which mounts the pavement, having come round the corner too quickly. In fact, they might make any injuries worse.

It is not in ‘my’ council area, but nevertheless I first raised (with HCC Highways) the dangers to pedestrians at this location several years ago, before the ambulance toppled over there, and that is the clear advice that I received from the highways engineers, repeated a number of times over the years since then to me. They said then (and now) that the only purpose of a pedestrian guard railing there would be to separate pedestrians from vehicles and keep pedestrians on the pavement so they did not spill out onto the road – but, as a crash barrier, the railings would be useless.

They also told me each time that that there were no funds available to spend on such a guard railing. So it is interesting that HCC have now found the funds to pay for something their own engineers say is not a good idea.

The new guard railing will assist only in keeping pedestrians on the pavement and I am still of the opinion that, as in my original campaign, funds are needed for a proper full height crash barrier there.

Yours sincerely

Robin Parker