Cllr Robin Parker CC

Cllr Robin Parker CC

Stevenage residents trying to use the Stevenage and Ware Household Waste Sites, were turned away from each site last weekend.

A number of them have complained to Chells county councillor and Manor borough councillor, Liberal Democrat Robin Parker. He took up their complaints with HCC, who operate control the sites which are run under contract by Amey Cespa.

Robin Parker reports “When I made enquiries, following the complaints from residents, I was told by HCC officials that the operator of the sites at Stevenage and Ware had closed them because they had reached capacity and they had no more room to take some categories of waste materials.”

“Their excuse was that there had been an unprecedented demand for the sites. This sounds like very poor management. Anybody with common sense could have known that, on a bright sunny spring weekend, many residents are going to want to have a clear out of rubbish. It seems that the operators did not plan for this nor for the necessary need to provide more bins and have them cleared more often.”

“It means that residents were inconvenienced by a wasted journey to the sites, with consequent fuel costs and pollution consequences. My request for compensation to be considered for the residents was rejected.”

“It is bad enough that the Tory administration at HCC has cut the opening times of these sites – so that in Stevenage, for example, it closes on Thursdays and Fridays – but to have the sites unavailable at other prime times is very poor indeed. There must be no repetition of this failure.”