Chris White PPC

Cllr Chris White

Lib Dem Police and Crime Commissioner candidate Chris White has condemned the Home  Secretary’s proposals in a speech yesterday to expand the role of Police and Crime Commissioners.

Chris said: ‘The Government is already thinking of giving PCCs the control of fire authorities on the time-honoured principle of “if it’s not broke, then fix it anyway”.

‘But yesterday’s speech by Theresa May beggars belief. The Home Secretary has apparently been working with the Justice Secretary to look at the criminal justice system, and will bring forward proposals for PCCs to have a role in youth justice, probation and court services. 

‘She also outlined proposals to bring encourage PCCs to create free free schools, with the objective of diverting youngsters from a life of crime. 

‘So the role of PCCs – a post not loved or trusted in the first place given the 14.5% who turned out in the first elections – is to be vastly expanded to take on roles that should either never have been taken away from local authorities or should have been handed over to them in the first place.

‘The prospects for councillors, diversity and local government continue under thisGovernment to be chilling. What next will be handed over to PCCs? Ambulances? Social care?’