After nearly 2 years of pressure from your local Liberal Democrat County Councillor Robin Parker, the Tory dominated Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) have finally confirmed that they will re-surface all of Chells Way over about 6 nights starting on 25 April.

The Lib Dems have got them to agree to do the full length of the road, from the roundabout with Fairlands Way to the roundabout with Six Hills Way. The only part they should not re-surface will be the small section near the junction with Mobbsbury Way, which they re-surfaced (in error) on 7/8 March.

The resurfacing of Chells Way began on the evening of Monday 25th April and is due to last 6 nights, resurfacing the whole of Chells Way.

Who is to blame for allowing Chells Way to fall into such an appalling state? The answer is simply and honestly the Conservative dominated HCC, who are responsible for roads.

It’s only thanks to hard working & persistent people like Robin Parker and the local Lib Dems who have delivered for local people. Labour & Conservatives don’t deliver success like this.


County Councillor Robin Parker (right) and Chells Candidate Stephen Booth on Chells Way

Each year in February, Tory dominated HCC decides its budget and, for at least 10 years, the main opposition group (the Liberal Democrats) have formally proposed that they should increase the funds spent on important highways maintenance (roads and footways etc.)

Lib Dems have always been responsible and said where this money could be found – we said they should spend much less on publicity and wasteful gimmicks such as the useless traffic information signs, like the one on Fairlands Way near Mobbsbury Way. (Robin forced them to remove the one near Marlborough Road in 2013, which local residents rightly objected to.)

Every year the Tories refuse to do this. The Conservatives keep on wasting your Council Tax instead of spending it on maintaining your roads (like Chells Way) which are falling apart. Lib Dems want better roads for local people. Make sure you vote for Lib Dems to fight for better roads for you