Pot holes on Chells Way

The re-surfacing of crumbling Chells Way started on schedule on Monday night, 25.4.2016, and is scheduled to last for up to 6 nights. Work is from 20.00 to 05.00 each night.

Local Chells County Councillor and Manor Borough Councillor, Liberal Democrat Robin Parker, said “I first drew attention to the fact that Chells Way was in need of re-surfacing at least 18 months ago, but it has taken Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) all this time to actually start the job.”

“I have had dozens of local people complain to me about the appalling state of the road – named locally as Hells Way – because the potholes and breaking up of the surface was very dangerous, especially for road users on two wheels. It is far too big a job for my local budgets, so I have been complaining bitterly about how bad the road surface was becoming to the powers that be, at the Tory dominated HCC. Finally, as a result of my representations on behalf of local residents, HCC have given up pretending that they could patch it up until 2018 (which was their plan) and have agreed to do the work.”

“I have got them to agree to re-surface all of the road from the roundabout with Fairlands Way to the roundabout with Six Hills Way, and I am checking the work after it has been done.”

Note: Roads in Stevenage are almost all the responsibility of the Conservative dominated HCC and the failure to maintain them has been a constant source of complaint from the Liberal Democrats for at least 10 years.