Lib Dems welcome new victory on cold calling

The government have accepted Liberal Democrat proposals to clamp down on cold calling.

The changes will see tough new regulations on claims management companies who undertake cold calling.

Speaking in the Lords last night, Ministers declared that the government will accept Liberal Democrat proposals into the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill.

This is a victory for Liberal Democrat peers John Sharkey and Susan Kramer, who have been leading the charge against cold calling and follows a similar victory last week.

Commenting after the announcement, John Sharkey said:

“Cold calling is one of the great scourges of modern life, but it is not merely annoying, it can lead to many vulnerable and innocent people signing up for things they don’t want, don’t need and can’t afford. I am delighted that the government has accepted our arguments.”

“A third of private phone calls in the UK are now cold calls, a colossal 2.6m every month. This is a 180% increase in just ten months. The public deserve peace from this cacophony.”

“Our aim is not to put claim management companies out of business. They can continue to advertise and attract customers, but if this goes through they will no longer be able to pester the public with unsolicited calls.”