Local Liberal Democrat councillors held a Residents’ Meeting from 19.30 – 21.30 on Monday 22.1.2018 at Chells Manor Community Centre, Emperor’s Gate. It was organized and attended by:

Cllr. Andy McGuinness (borough councillor for Manor Ward on SBC)

Cllr. Robin Parker C.C. (borough councillor for Manor Ward on SBC and county councillor for Chells Division on HCC)

Cllr. Graham Snell (borough councillor for Manor Ward on SBC).

Residents were invited to attend and raise any issue. A leaflet was delivered to every door in the whole of Chells Division plus it was displayed at about 40 local sites and mentioned in The Comet and on SBC Facebook.

About 30 members of public attended.

Some of the issues raised were:

  • The future of Fairlands Valley Farmhouse.
  • Dangerous parking particularly on bends such as the entrance to The Pastures.
  • Trees next to domestic gardens overgrown and draining water from properties.
  • Footways in need of re-laying in Dryden Crescent and Bronte Paths.
  • Failure to empty public litter bins, particularly in Darwin Road/Faraday Road and in Chells Manor and especially at The White Way and Valerian Way.
  • Failure to re-site a litter bin at Cromwell Road despite previous requests to other parties’ councillors.
  • Insufficient and inefficient residents’ parking, particularly in Bronte Paths.
  • Street light levels along The White Way.
  • Data requested from the Speed Indicator Devices we have funded across Chells Division.
  • Refuse lorries mounting the footway and damaging them in Neptune Gate.
  • Litter caused by blue and black re-cycling boxes

Robin Parker chaired the meeting and afterward said: “I am grateful to the residents who attended and told us about various local problems. We will get the facts clear about each reported issue and try our best to put matters right.”

“Each meeting costs our council taxpayer funded Local Community Budgets about £500 to run and to publicise, and it was good to see that all those present indicated that such meetings are well worth holding. We have held a number of them each year since SBC pulled the funding of the former Local Forums.”

The next such Residents’ Meeting is at 19.30 Monday 5.3.2018 at St. Hugh and St. John’s Church, Mobbsbury Way.