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At our recent Street Meets and Residents’ Meetings a number of people have highlighted issues with the current recycling boxes. Residents have reported that the blue, black and red boxes cause large amounts of litter to be blown around the streets and this often ends up in peoples’ gardens or hedgerows. Other complaints include old, broken and brittle lids not securing waste and the unattractive boxes in front gardens.

A number of other local councils have introduced a single wheelie bins for recycling paper, cardboard, plastics, cans and glass. These could be easier for residents to store and move, be less unsightly and prevent litter on our streets. They could also help to increase the level of household waste which is recycled. However this change will cost money, possibly requiring a rise in council tax or reduced spending on other services to pay for it. It would also require residents to store 3 wheelie bins instead of the present 2 wheelie bins plus 3 boxes.

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