Chells and Manor Residents Meeting

Liberal Democrat Councillors Andy McGuinness, Robin Parker and Graham Snell held a residents meeting on Monday evening (5.3.2018) at St Hugh and St John Church Hall.  Approximately 30 local residents attended and received information and advice from the three councillors present and also raised various queries. Amongst the issues raised were:

  • The need for some all-night street lights in the area of Admiral Drive (Chrysalis Park).
  • Alleged use of The Glebe car park by car repair businesses.
  • The need for more parking at The Glebe.
  • The need for a litter/dog bin on Chells Way, opposite the junction with Mobbsbury Way.
  • An update on Town Centre Regeneration.
  • Items on which the three councillors have spent their SBC Local Community Budgets.
  • Items on which Robin Parker has spent his HCC Highways Locality Budget.
  • A contentious planning application at 7 Boxfield Green and the system whereby the Chair of Planning and Development decides if a ”Call In” (so that an application is decided by the full Planning and Development Committee) is allowed or not.
  • Parking provision in Burns Close.
  • The number of untreated potholes in local roads.

The meetings cost about £400 each, paid for from the three councillors’ local budgets. All residents present voiced the opinion that the meetings are worth continuing with.


Councillors present:

Cllr. Andy McGuinness, Borough Councillor for Manor Ward on SBC.

Cllr. Robin Parker C.C., Borough Councillor for Manor Ward on SBC and County Councillor for Chells Division on HCC.

Cllr. Graham Snell, Borough Councillor for Manor Ward on SBC



Councillor Robin Parker contacted Stevenage Borough Council regarding the need for a litter bin at the Chells Way/Mobbsbury Way junction, and arranged for a new bin, which was installed just 3 days later!