Stevenage Liberal Democrats had their most successful election night for many years at the borough council elections held  the on 3rd May 2018.

Andy McGuinness held the Manor ward seat, with over 60% of the votes and more than anyone else in Stevenage.

Tom Wren gained the Chells ward seat, beating the current Mayor and winning with a majority of 234 votes.

In Martins Wood, Jill Brinkworth increased the Liberal Democrat vote share from 5% to 25%, gaining an extra 303 votes, setting the ward up for a tight 3 way battle in the 2019 elections.

Thank you to all our members and supporters for your help during the campaign.

Full results can be found on the Stevenage Borough Council website and below:

Bandley Hill

Turnout: 32.01%

Candidate Party No. of Votes
ANDERSON Andrew David Liberal Democrats 143
FOSTER Nicholas Rohan The Conservative Party Candidate 715
LLOYD Joan Elizabeth Labour and Co-operative Party 772 – elected


Turnout: 31.35

Candidate Party No. of Votes
FRITH Michelle Mary The Conservative Party Candidate 506
KELLY Lizzy Labour and Co-operative Party 1,001 – elected
SNELLING Victoria Louise Green Party 151


Turnout: 34.65%

Candidate Party No. of Votes
STUART Pam Labour and Co-operative Party 562
WREN Tom Liberal Democrats 796 – elected
WYATT Matthew Paul The Conservative Party Candidate 360


Turnout: 36.31%

Candidate Party No. of Votes
BAINBRIDGE Doug The Conservative Party Candidate 789 – elected
BOOTH Stephen John Liberal Democrats 185
WOOD David Stanley Labour and Co-operative Party 665


Turnout: 39.27%

Candidate Party No. of Votes
CLARKE Matthew Austin The Conservative Party Candidate 400
MARTIN David R.S. Labour and Co-operative Party 370
McGUINNESS Andy Liberal Democrats 1,196 – elected

Martins Wood

Turnout: 33.48%

Candidate Party No. of Votes
BARNES Joseph George The Conservative Party Candidate 518
BRINKWORTH Jill Liberal Democrats 382
BRISCOE Lloyd James Labour and Co-operative Party 639 – elected

Old Town

Turnout: 37.65%

Candidate Party No. of Votes
CHERNEY-CRAW Monika Elizabeth Labour and Co-operative Party 1,010
HANAFIN Jody Elizabeth The Conservative Party Candidate 1,012 – elected
HUMBERSTONE Mason Daniel Neal Liberal Democrats 149
STURGES Elizabeth Genevieve Green Party 194

Pin Green

Turnout: 32.89%

Candidate Party No. of Votes
LAING Charlie The Conservative Party Candidate 579
LOVELACE Vicky Green Party 184
MARTIN-HAUGH Lin Labour and Co-operative Party 811 – elected


Turnout: 34.23%

Candidate Party No. of Votes
BYE Nigel Robert Liberal Democrats 113
FARQUHARSON Alex The Conservative Party Candidate 706
MALOCCO Martin John Green Party 90
POTTER Sarah-Jane Labour and Co-operative Party 842 – elected


Turnout: 29.79%

Candidate Party No. of Votes
BARBER Paul Matthew Liberal Democrats 68
BROOM Rob Labour and Co-operative Party 727 – elected
HEARN Michael Steven The Conservative Party Candidate 482
MALOCCO Michael Andrew Green Party 84

St Nicholas

Turnout: 34.87%

Candidate Party No. of Votes
BARR Sandra Anne Labour and Co-operative Party 951 – elected
COLLINS Naomi Ruth Green Party 96
SNELL Matthew Benjamin Robert Liberal Democrats 96
TANDI Amanda The Conservative Party Candidate 690

Symonds Green

Turnout: 36.36%

Candidate Party No. of Votes
HEARMON Clive Liberal Democrats 89
TAYLOR Sharon Jane Labour and Co-operative Party 847 – elected
WARR Richard David Green Party 81
YOUNG Alex The Conservative Party Candidate 602


Turnout: 36.37%

Candidate Party No. of Votes
BIBBY Phil The Conservative Party Candidate 835 – elected
BRINKWORTH Neil Geoffrey Liberal Democrats 170
JAVED Irfan Labour and Co-operative Party 543