Residents’ Meeting – Chells and Manor

Stevenage Borough Council Chells and Manor Wards & Hertfordshire County Council Chells Division

Monday 11 March 2019 7.30pm

Main Hall, Chells Manor Community Centre, Emperors Gate, 

Your four Liberal Democrat local Councillors invite you to come along and tell us your views and concerns about local issues and problems.

In attendance will be:

Cllr Robin Parker CC
County Councillor (Chells Division) and Borough Councillor (Manor ward)
[email protected]

Cllr Andy McGuinness
Borough Councillor (Manor Ward)
[email protected]

Cllr Graham Snell
Borough Councillor (Manor Ward)
[email protected]

Cllr Tom Wren

Borough Councillor (Chells Ward)

[email protected]

Everyone is welcome to attend
If you are unable to make it then please feel free to email them.

Leaflet for Residents’ Meetings – 11 March 2019 – Chells Manor Community…