A personal message from Neil Brinkworth

I am delighted to be standing again to represent Woodfield Ward. Many of you put your trust in me last year and with a little extra support I could join the group of effective Liberal Democrat councillors who are already working on behalf of residents in Chells and Manor Wards.

Local people have told me how their lives could be improved by being kept informed about local developments, by providing more residents parking and by making the environment more pleasant for people to walk and cycle around.

The Labour-controlled Council has a poor record of environmental maintenance. Litter is left uncleared in common areas like greens and woodlands. Too many green spaces are sold off for inappropriate housing developments. Car parking space is often inadequate, leading to conflict between neighbours.

You have the right to demand better than this.

I hope I can persuade you, whatever your views, that local elections are about local and not national issues, despite the temptation to choose between the same two parties, Labour and Conservative.
Local elections are about getting an effective voice to represent you on the local Council.

Neil Brinkworth

2019 Election Address Neil Brinkworth Woodfield