A personal message from Robin Parker

Dear Manor Residents,

The Stevenage Council elections on 2 May are for who you want to be your local Councillor for the next 4 years, to represent you on Stevenage Borough Council (SBC). They are not about the government or national issues. I have been elected by you 13 times since I first stood in 1982. My record since then shows that I provide a strong, experienced, knowledgeable, local voice to stand up for you on important issues like the Gresley Park development. For 35 years, I have provided an effective, constructive opposition to the Labour dominated SBC. On any matter, I always strive to get the facts correct and to keep you informed on that basis.

I have spent my local budgets wisely. I never forget that it is your money.

For example, I have funded:

* the new zebra crossing near Ross Court

* 9 Speed Indicator Devices across Chells and Chells Manor

* several new or refurbished public benches

* additional street lights

* re-surfacing many footways including Mobbsbury Way

* the spectacular daffodil and crocus displays that cover the verges from the Gresley Way/Six Hills Way roundabout, up to the Gresley Way/Fairlands Way roundabout plus Chells Way, The White Way and Mobbsbury Way.

I avoid personal attacks on opponents, I do not promise things I cannot do and I will continue to stay in touch, be easy to contact and help you with problems, as I have done since 1982.

Thank you for your previous support and please vote for me again so that I can continue to work on your behalf.

Yours sincerely

Robin Parker

P.S. I’ve tried hard to meet you all, but if you were out when we called, my contact details are shown here.

8 Cameron Close,Chells

[email protected]


2019 Election Address Robin Parker Manor



Photo Above

Robin answers your questions at our Residents’ Meeting, 11 March, Chells Manor Community Centre