A personal message from Stephen Booth

I am delighted to be standing in Chells again. For too long you have been let down by Labour in Chells.

Since you elected my colleague Tom Wren last year with a massive 234 majority, Tom has proven to be an effective Councillor working all year round for your interests.

I am an experienced former councillor. I know how local and central government works (and in too many cases, does not work!). I thoroughly enjoy taking up local issues and helping find solutions for challenging problems like housing, planning, parking and the environment. Stevenage today is a much less pleasant environment than when I came to the town in the early 1970s. Today, the Labour controlled Council has a poor record of environmental maintenance. Litter is scattered in common areas like greens and woodlands. Green spaces are sold off for inappropriate housing developments. Car parking space is often inadequate leading to conflict between neighbours.

I hope I can persuade you that whatever your views, local elections are not about national issues, despite the   temptation to vote for the two old parties, Labour and Tory. Local elections are about getting an effective voice to represent you on the Council.

Stephen Booth has been talking to Chells residents during the campaign and hopes to meet as many as possible but apologises if he is unable to meet everyone of the 5000+ people who live in the ward.

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