My name is Lisa Nash. I live in Knebworth which I think gives me the advantage of a good understanding of the issues in both town and rural areas of this Constituency.

I am the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for the Stevenage Constituency – which means I am responsible for making sure that Lib Dem Headquarters know what is important to people in Stevenage and take this into account in building our manifesto. I am currently a North Herts District Councillor for Knebworth and I am the Approved Parliamentary Candidate for Stevenage which means when there is a General Election I’ll be standing as your Liberal Democrat candidate.

I am a single mum to a school-aged child with special needs which gives me a hands-on insight into the issues that many parents face.

Professionally I am a qualified midwife and am now a midwifery lecturer. I have strong links with the Lister hospital visiting weekly for at least 10 years so I am well known to many of our nurses and midwives through my teaching activities. I’m also a St John’s Ambulance Service volunteer.

For about 6 years I volunteered as a police special so understand the pressures and issues faced by our police including the challenges of not enough funding.

I have experience in campaigning and am well known in Knebworth for campaigns I have led. I am able to build a campaign team around me and members have described me as a natural leader. As a result of one of these campaigns, I became interested in local politics and went on to join the Liberal democrats and stand as a district Councillor for NHDC. I was elected in May 2018, representing Knebworth Ward and am now Chair of the Licensing Committee and a member of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, ensuring that the Council are held to account for their decision making.

I am highly regarded locally and enjoy supporting my Knebworth residents on many different issues. For example I have called the council to account for poor bin service and as a result achieved three months free garden waste collection for residents. I see myself as a voice for the residents and not afraid to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Residents describe me as a “dog with a bone”, “someone at the heart of the community who goes the extra mile”, “always helpful and available “full of energy and passion”.

I am kicking off my campaign to turn Stevenage Yellow! I’d love you to join me. If you can help let me know by clicking here.

I and my team have been out and about in the Constituency this summer and have been asking residents about the issues that matter most to them. The issues you have raised with us are my priorities. Click on each below to find out more about Stevenage and Liberal Democrat policy in this area

Health and Social Care – Invest in our Health and Social Care Staff and infrastructure. Keep the NHS out of private hands.

Lisa at the Lister - Click to read Lisa's views on the health

Lisa at the Lister – Click the photo to read about Lisa’s views on the health


Education – Invest in our teaching staff, our schools and ensure fair chances for all.

Environment – Invest in environmentally friendly housing, jobs and transport infrastructure. We all deserve to breathe clean air.

Crime – Invest in our police and justice system restoring numbers and morale and tackling the causes of crime.

Housing and Homelessness –Force developers to honour their social housing commitment, introduce a new Rent to Own scheme, make renting fairer for tenants and support those who find themselves homeless back into homes.

Brexit – has put a dead hand across key and urgent areas of British politics for over three years which has had a negative effect on our economy and public services. We believe that the current deal that Britain has with the EU is the best for our country. In the face of global unrest and economic downturn, we will find it very difficult to obtain better trading terms from outside of the world’s largest economic bloc.

There are other areas of policy for the Liberal Democrats which will be positive for us in Stevenage. You can click here to read more about them


I urgently needed volunteers to help with admin, leaflet distribution and canvassing. If you can offer any help, no matter how small, please contact me at: [email protected]

We also need cash: we are a party run by its members and their modest donations. We do not have the billionaires who bankroll the Tory Party or the big trade unions who write the cheques for Labour. If you would like to make a donation please make a cheque out to: “Stevenage Liberal Democrats” and send it to 2B North Road, Stevenage SG1 4AT and remember to include your name and address. Alternatively, you can donate using the button below.


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