My name is Lisa Nash. I am the Parliamentary candidate for Stevenage for the Liberal Democrats in the General Election set for 12th December.

I live in the Stevenage constituency. I am a midwife by profession and am now a midwifery lecturer so I see the pressures on the NHS and on healthcare students first hand. I am a single parent with a school-aged child with special needs so I understand the pressures that people like us are under with access to education, health and social care. I have been a police special so have an appreciation of the balancing act that our law enforcement officers have with inadequate resources. I’ve also been a St John Ambulance volunteer.

While leading a local campaign I realised that many of us feel we don’t have a platform to make ourselves heard – I want to be that voice, the person who stands up for the people in our constituency. I started doing this by standing for and winning the North Hertfordshire District Council seat of Knebworth and am already making a difference by standing up for the things that are important to the people I represent there.

As I meet and talk to people in the constituency I am aware that very many of us feel that our voices are not being heard and that the Conservatives and Labour don’t understand the issues that we have. Most of us want:

  • An environment [Lisa’s views on the environment] where we can breathe clean air and have enough drinkable water; where we have good green public transport everywhere in the constituency, where we are not knee-deep in plastic waste and where we look after the planet’s resources for our children and their children;

  • A fully funded and staffed NHS [Lisa’s Views on Health] where the staff are valued and treated with respect;

  • Investment in education [Lisa’s Views on Education] in our schools and their staff, and also in lifelong learning for us all to enable us to fulfil our potential and to continue to be successful in a rapidly changing world;

  • To earn enough to put a roof over our heads[*], feed our families and have a little left over for life’s luxuries. That includes having access to social and affordable housing and being treated with respect and dignity if we need a bit of extra help and support from society in whatever form;

  • To reduce crime [Lisa’s views on crime] and feel safe walking around our home town.

Under a Liberal Democrat government we would introduce fully costed and sustainable policies to deliver all these things. Read more about our policies by clicking on the links above.

You can help with my campaign by delivering leaflets, canvassing or simply donating to enable me to contact more people. You can also vote for me at election time – I promise to stand up for what is best for the people in THIS constituency

And remember: if it matters to you then it matters to me.

Published by Stephen Booth on behalf of Lisa Nash and the Liberal Democrats, all at 2B North Road, Stevenage SG1 4AT