Lisa Nash says: “Demand Better for our schools – put our children first”

Our children are not getting the education they deserve. Schools all over the country are asking parents for donations, letting go of teachers and teaching assistants and even shortening the school day.

Facts: The Conservatives have cut school funding to the bone. The Institute for Fiscal Studies says that, since 2009/10, school spending per pupil has fallen 8% in real terms in England. According to the School Cuts website, every school in Stevenage, Knebworth, Codicote, Datchworth and Aston has already had its funding reduced and is facing more cuts. You can find out the actual impact for your child’s school on the,uk website.

Our children are our future – we must not short-change them

Our children depend on us to invest in their education so that they can build the skills they need to compete in the global market. We already have a huge skills gap, which is currently being filled by EU citizens working as nurses, doctors, teachers and builders, and in hospitality, to name but a few.

Facts: Growth in teacher numbers has failed to keep pace with rising pupil numbers, while there are 13% fewer teaching assistants in secondary schools than in 2011. The extra funding trumpeted by the Conservatives falls far short of needs. Boris Johnson has recently announced an extra £4.6 bn p.a. above inflation for schools. That will just about take it back to the level it was at in 2009-10. These new spending plans won’t start reversing the cuts until 2022-23.

Lisa Nash says: “As a single parent to a child with special needs I understand only too well the impact that underfunding has for every child. Schools are having to make difficult decisions and if your child has special needs it is almost impossible for them to get the support they need.”

What will the Liberal Democrats do for you and your children?

The Liberal Democrats demand better for our children’s futures. We will:

  • Give teachers the resources they need to teach and the resources pupils need to learn;

  • Reverse cuts to school funding – fair funding for every school;

  • Triple the early-years Pupil Premium to £1000 per pupil, so that children from disadvantaged backgrounds get the additional support they need;

  • Guarantee all teachers a pay rise that is at least in line with inflation and invest more in teachers’ continued professional development;

  • Invest in our technical skills as well as in academic subjects, and ensure our children are best equipped to get jobs in the future.

Our plan will ensure that children from all backgrounds have the education they deserve, giving them the best chance in life and making sure our teachers can get back to teaching our children.

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What can you do?

If you elect Lisa Nash as your MP she will fight to get the investment in education that our Constituency needs. Help us to deliver better for Stevenage by voting for Lisa in the General Election.

Published by Stephen Booth on behalf of Lisa Nash and the Liberal Democrats, all at 2B North Road, Stevenage SG1 4AT