Lisa Nash says: Demand better for our environment

There is no longer any doubt that we are facing a climate emergency. The ice continues to melt in the Arctic and water levels rise around the world; the Amazon rain forest – the lungs of the world – burn; we are faced worldwide with increasing freak weather including flooding and drought, even in the relatively temperate climate of the UK.

The Liberal Democrats regard climate change as one of the biggest challenges of our generation and we demand action now. Governments around the world, including the Conservatives and Labour in the UK, have failed to take this seriously – they have signed up to targets but failed to take on the challenge with serious policies. Countries around the world urgently need to implement the commitments made in 2015 at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. Some countries are making significant progress but the UK under both Labour and Conservative Governments is currently failing to demonstrate clear political leadership to address the urgent environmental problems facing the planet. 

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has set out plans for businesses to be given a legal “duty of care” on environmental and social issues.

  • The Conservative’s record on the climate crisis is appalling. They have declared an emergency but have done nothing about it. That is like setting off the fire alarm and then standing by as you watch the house burn down.

  • Liberal Democrats want to see businesses take greater responsibility for the impact they have on the environment. That is why we want a general duty of care for the environment, to ensure that companies are avoiding damaging the environment in their operation and supply chains…

  • The Liberal Democrats have ambitious plans to tackle the climate emergency so that we can look after the planet we have because there is no Planet B.

We have no time to lose: this is an urgent crisis that demands real action now. The Liberal Democrats demand action now. We will:

  • prevent 40,000 premature deaths a year by cutting air pollution.

  • invest in renewable energy, creating green jobs across the UK.

  • ban fracking and more than double green electricity to 80 percent by 2030.

  • ensure that 30 million properties receive insulation retrofits by 2022, prioritising the fuel poor.

Lisa Nash says: I am proud that we have a well thought out and ambitious strategy to play our part in saving the planet for ourselves and future generations.

Read more on the environment [here]. To find out more about the Liberal Democrats’ detailed proposals to deliver these policies go to

Published by Stephen Booth on behalf of Lisa Nash and the Liberal Democrats, all at 2B North Road, Stevenage SG1 4AT