Link to Observer article on the Guardian website

The Guardian has identified the seats where tactical voting can make a difference to the seat as the margins are so tight.

Stevenage isn’t one of those seats – anyone could win here. Don’t vote for your least worst choice.

Tactical voting in Stevenage? Vote with your conscience.

Vote Liberal Democrat for a Brighter Future. Just some of the things the Liberal Democrats offer, all properly costed and funded according to the IFS:

– Investment in our NHS and social care, properly resourced and staff fairly paid

 – Investment in our police and justice system and in preventing youth crime with a tried and tested approach, all properly resourced and staff properly paid
– investment in education and early years childcare as well as investing in training and development to keep our adult population up to date in the jobs market, all properly resourced and staff properly paid
– investment in our planet creating green jobs, green housing and an ambitious and funded programme to tackle climate change as part of a large and powerful European team
– Investment in housing and homelessness, building 300,000 new homes per year with 100, 000 of these being social housing, tackling the rental crisis and introducing a rent to own scheme
Lisa Nash as our MP would fight for the things that are important to us in our constituency. We need someone to stand up for us, to be our voice and make sure Stevenage is heard and gets its fair share of funding.