Manor Ward: Cllr Graham Snell

Cllr Graham Snell

Has lived in Stevenage for 29 years.

Has been the local Manor Councillor for 18 years.

Has record of listening to local people and acting on your concerns.

Well liked and respected Councillor.

Along with Lib Dem colleagues, he keeps in touch & works for you all year round – no other party does this in Manor.

Provides effective opposition to the Labour dominated Stevenage Borough Council.

Chells Ward: Stephen Booth

Stephen Booth

Stephen Booth

Has lived in Stevenage for nearly 45 years.

Experienced former Councillor.

Runs a small business in the town.

Former Chair of Governors in Stevenage.

Warm, friendly and approachable.

Wants Chells to have hard-working Lib Dem Borough Councillors, like neighbouring Chells Manor & Mobbsbury

Martins Wood Ward: Andrew Anderson

Andrew Anderson

I have been active in local politics since 1990 and believe that those living in a community know what’s best for the local area.

I have been active supporting Robin Parker as the County Councillor and know the area well. Martins Wood needs active Councillors and if elected I will work hard listening to you and helping address your problems.